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You can use by bus or vehicle

1. Bus
Bus number 66,67,76,77,151,154,170,171,852,981,970번
  • Unload at Dunearn Rd의 OPP the nexus condo -> You can use school bus ( c.f. School bus time tabel )
  • Unload at Dunearn Rd의 OPP the nexus condo -> Go on foot (26minute as adult) Unload at DUNEARN ROAD bus stop and keep going to  BUKIT TINGGI ROAD and then you can not miss Singapore Korean International School ( In front of  German International School and Halland International School, behind British Club)
    2. Vehicle
    • From DUNEARN ROAD to BINJAL PARK, turn left BUKIT TINGGI ROAD and you can find Singapore Korean Internatinal School.

    Shuttle bus time table

    ■ Section
    From school ⇄ Bus Stop (No.B42039) Opp The Nexus Condo
    ■ Time
    Monday to friday
    7:30am~8:50am (Every 10 min)
    3:40pm~4:00pm (Every 10 min)
    4:50pm, 5:10pm, 5:30pm, 7:10pm, 8:55pm
    8:20am~8:50am (Every 10 min)
    12:20pm~13:00pm (Every 10 min)

    The bus schedule may change due to unforeseen circumstances.