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: Kindergarten teaches Korean children and children of multicultural families a variety of activities based in Korean. Studies have said that learning languages in infancy can be more effective to be fluent in Korean language. Childhood is the most important period of language learning because it is when the number of words in the mother tongue increases dramatically and when one begins to understand grammatical constructions. Our Kindergarten provides the basic ability to learn to write, read, and speak. In addition to Korean education, we provide education courses that involve children's participation, such as fairy tales, children's songs, drawing, and introducing Korean culture. It is also a place where you can learn to build relationships with Korean children.

Elementary School

: Elementary school aims to educate individuals as a person who communicates with the world based on a sense of pride and understanding of the concept of a pluralist value. Elementary school students are taught Mathematics (1st class) and other subjects, following the Elementary school curriculum in Korea. Korean students in Singapore can learn Korean roots and write Korean fluently. By understanding Korea's culture, students in school can become a true leader in the 21st century.

Middle School

: Middle school consists of 2 hours of Korean formal education and 1 hour of Korean history. The Korean language class aims to establish and manage individual learning and achievement criteria for students and to improve their respective individual language levels, considering the situation in which students live abroad. In addition, through various cultural works, students are developing a teaching activity that can develop students' personality and create a sense of identity as a Korean. Lessons from our ancestors are shaping up various learning activities by exploring and learning throughout the history of our ancestors, from the past to the present.