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1. Integrated Curriculum between Liberal Arts and Science
∙ We do not separate Liberal Arts and Science as in other schools.
∙ Students in SKIS are taking 16 hours of social studies and science subject.

2. Ensuring students right to choose their own subject
∙ We provide students with opportunity to choose their own subjects in interest.
∙ Students can choose from ‘CalculusⅡ(Advanced)’ or ‘Probability & Statistics(Intermediate)’ when grade 11. When grade 12, they may choose either ‘Geometry & Vectors(Advanced)’ or ‘Korean math CalculusⅠ’
∙ Students will choose from ‘Biology’, ‘Physics’, ‘Chemistry’ for science subject.
∙ Students will choose from 'South East Asia History', 'Law', 'World history', 'Economy' for social studies.

3. Internationally accepted subjects
∙ Along with regular curriculum, AP(Advanced Placement) subjects are available for those who are interested in furthering their studies abroad.
∙ We provide AP Human Geography, AP Economics, AP World History for social studies.
∙ We provide AP physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry for science.
∙ We provide AP Calculus 및 SAT math through CCA program in math.

4. Creative Activity
∙  Students are able to carry out high quality research about their interested topic through Research Project(Art, Science, Global Issue, Psychology).
∙ We have various Club Activities for students to choose from such as Football, Basketball, Badminton, Band, Fashion Design, Art design, Animation, School Newspaper, Medical Science, Fun physics, Fun Chemistry.
∙ Students who participated in professional mentoring programs and career day programs. get certified as mentors

∙ 5. New students 2017