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  • 1. Korean Identity Education
  •  SKIS offers students the opportunity to feel proud of Korean culture through
    diverse Korean language and cultural programs. Students take part in intensive
    Korean language courses, Korean history classes, and cultural activities such
    as Samulnori(Korean traditional percussion quartet) and Taekwondo. These classes
    and activities allow students to develop a national identity and independence as Koreans.



  • 2. Bridge Education
  • SKIS focuses on well-organized trilingual education for future global leaders.
    Our co-teacher system, in which Korean and English homeroom teachers
    work together, helps students improve their Korean and English skills.
    In addition, Chinese teachers teach YCT(Youth Chinese Test), which is appoved
    officially by the Chinese government. Students will recognize their achievement
    in Korean, English, and Chinese.
    SKIS is also engaged in a friendship program and sports day with international
    schools(German school, Hollandse school, and Swiss school) in the Bukit
    Timah neighborhood. Our exchange programs with Singapore local schools give
    our students opportunities cultural exchange and integration in Singapore.





  •  3. STEAM Education
  • Our STEAM(science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) program is designed to build up comprehensive cognition, problem-solving, cooperation, creative thinking, and conflict resolution by setting personal and group
    goals. Also, SKIS provides special education for gifted and talented students. Various methodologies like PBL(Problem
    Based Learning) and research projects give them the opportunity to discover new talents and develop existing strengths,
    critical thinking, and teamwork.

    The Club Activities(CA) every Friday give a variety of experiences to students including book club, computer software
    club, golf, horseback riding, K-pop dance, paper crafts and many more. After school Co-Curricular Activities(CCA) at
    SKIS ranging from ELS class, sports, arts, music, science and maths spark new interests and nurture individual talents.




  • 4. Holistic Education
  • SKIS places emphasis on holistic human development. Students can improve their leadership skills, problem-solving, and social responsibility with our unique monthly Cokosing projects. Schemes include fundraising for charity, voluntary services in the community, and campaigns to foster values such as politeness and compassion. These valuable moral activities promote ethical behavior and ensure that our students recognize the importance of responsibility toward others. Students take action to make the community and the world a better place.