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1. Identity education as a Korean

  • ∙  Understanding of traditional culture is conducted through basic life guidance and
    manners education. In addition, Taekwondo is taught the basics of Taekwondo including
    the Taekwondo in the time of the regular curriculum.
  •  Provide correct understanding of the Korean language through a balanced language
    approach and make it possible to familiarize yourself with the sounds and rhythms
    of traditional Korean music using traditional instruments such as janggu and sogo.

2. International Culture Understanding Education (BRIDGE EDUCATION)

  • ∙ Make the most of the local advantages of Singapore through ongoing interaction with other
    local and international kindergartens in the Bukit Timah area.
    ∙ Through multicultural experience, we raise our awareness of our community and
       learn ourselves as an international citizen living together with various people.

3. Specialized bilingual education

  • ∙ Students can learn basic phonics of English with native speakers and write easy
    words and more, and all classes are leveled so that students can listen to and
    speak words and phrases related to everyday life.
    The most appropriate training method for early childhood is interesting-based play,
    so you will learn how to teach English through play.
    ∙ The English language curriculum is age-related, and the bilingual education in the
    Korean-English language is further strengthened by being integrated with the theme
    of the kindergarten. This enables English education to be carried out on the basis
    of native language ability with self-identity as a Korean.



4. Singapore Local Language (Chinese) Education


  • ∙ We are providing Chinese language training to help local students make the most
    of the local advantages of Singapore and make it easier for students to adapt to
    Singapore society more quickly.

    ∙ Feel familiar about Chinese and use easy Chinese songs and charts to
    help make this interesting for Chinese.

    ∙ Adopting a Chinese language teaching instructor who can speak Korean,
    leading to a curriculum that allows students to engage in simple daily
    conversations by conducting Chinese lessons once a week for one hour.


5. Creative Education

  • ∙ We cultivate creativity through emphasis on education by age group.
    We conduct out-of-fence training through field trips using various
    on-site learning sites in Singapore.
    ∙ In the rich green space of Bukit Timah area where SKIS is located,
    we have open-air play facilities that can play unrestrictedly even
    in bad weather, and we are conducting fence activities such as Water
    Play Day and International Week.

    ∙ Kindergarten libraries are provided for reading and reading activities
    by age group.
    ∙ This helps them develop their imagination and develop their language
    expression skills. In addition, we are expanding creative expression
    ability through the activity of book love thought.




6. Korean Traditional Culture Experience Day

  • ∙ We set up a traditional culture experience day every month to respect
    and enjoy our culture throughout the year.
     Through activities such as dancing, music, play and cooking, and
    manners education, we try to familiarize our traditional culture with
    life by reflecting our unique culture.

    ∙ Kindergarten libraries are provided for reading and reading activities
    by age group.
    ∙  We conduct traditional folklore education, such as making a SongPyun,
    and making a folklore day